The Benefits of Kindness

48120a96b8d2151f099d5ebae87b66e4The highest form of wisdom is kindness ~ The Talmed

At first read, the declarative sentence about kindness sounds simple. It flows well and the words are arranged in a direct and pleasing manner. But after pondering the message for a few seconds, you realize it’s deep. It’s quite thought provoking, really. But could it actually be true?

I’ve been collecting nuggets of wisdom about kindness over the past few months for a book I’m writing. (There. I’ve said it. Now I’m committed to finishing it.) I’ve learned a lot about kindness; it’s much more than something that leaves you with a feel-good tingle. Many people in the social sciences are convinced that man is naturally wired to be kind, and when we ignore this internal drive, we deprive ourselves of full self-actualization. That’s not to mention all the good we deny the world when we deny ourselves opportunities to spread kindnesses.

Oh, I believe we’re all kind to some extent. But we’re also human and prone to resist the need to be kind because some days are extra hard and become all about us. We just can’t seem to help it.

I’m discovering through my research that the deliberate practice of kindness improves both our mental and physical health. Some studies even suggest it can increase longevity. And that’s just the tip of the positive outcomes of being kind.

Watch for future posts about the many benefits of kindness. I hope you’ll share your thoughts and stories. I have a book to write!

What is one act of kindness you plan to do today, or how  was someone kind to you?

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