Yoga and Writing: Open Hands, Open Book

Yoga and Writing: Open Hands, Open Book

easyposeEasy Pose in one of my favorite yoga poses because of its symbolism.  Sitting with legs crossed and a hand resting on each knee with open palms turned upward represents an openness to accepting the good that comes one’s way.  Breathing deeply in the pose opens the heart and frees the channels of love to flow both ways — in and out.  It’s a great way to begin or end a yoga practice.

A similar act of symbolism has affected my writing practice.  As I go about my day performing mundane but necessary tasks, I’m often assaulted with writing and marketing ideas.  This is true of anybody who maintains a mental to-do list, no matter our role in life.  But we continue to the next errand or the next email and hope that we’ll recall what we need when needed.  But it doesn’t happen.  We don’t get them all down, those tiny or large epiphanies that flit through our brains on any given day.

Using the symbolism of the Easy Pose as a springboard, I placed an opened blank journal in a central location with colored pens nearby.  It rests in a place I pass many time throughout the day when I’m home.  That open page calls to me much like a magnet, ready to accept my ideas.  As I’ve grown in the habit of jotting them down, I’ve discovered that writing down ideas begets even more ideas.

It’s easily portable so I can throw it in the car when I run errands.

A legal pad would work just as well.  So would a composition book.  I happen to like unlined pages. And colored pens.


When the page is full, I tear it out and put it in a bin or file folder, and it’s there ready for harvesting, now or later.

“Accepting Writing Ideas” was a guest blog post for  The Georgia Writer’s Association also ran it in a newsletter. 

Why do guest blog posts?  It provides credits for your portfolio and writing communities are great places to find support for your work. It’s also a nice way of giving back. Good karma.

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